Cid Alvar


Cid Alvar has been developing his sensibility since childhood, he understands how to perceive sensory information, a quality he gratefully inherited. His acute sense of composition is derived from a balanced family background of artistic and pragmatic creativity. Cid is motivated by the ambition to express himself, and the desire to create and share beautiful experiences within the evolving built environment. He evokes his masters: Le Corbusier’s for his meticulous detail, Oscar Niemeyer for his modernism, Carlo Scarpa for his materiality, and Jean Prouvé for his timeless craftsmanship.
Cid aims to create a unique identity on projects of varying sizes, specialising in Architectural and Interior services as part of his signature style. He also assist his clients in other métiers of a project ranging from artistic direction, identity and branding, scenography as well as bespoke joinery design.

Each project, regardless of size, is carefully guided from inception, strengthened by research and explored through texture, composition, colour, ambience, context and history.